Why digital?
Digital because our clients’ customers operate in the digital world.
Why ROI?
Because ROI is the true measuring stick of successful marketing.
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We’re breaking the mold that other agencies were created from!

  • You’ll work with the principals – not just meet them during the sales process
  • We’ll take the time to learn your business – no one-size-fits-all approach here
  • We’ll bring a holistic approach to your efforts – combining data, marketing, sales and support/service
  • We’ll prove value early – with our pragmatic approach
  • We’ll tell you what’s right – not just what you want to hear

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Focus + Process = Results…REALLY GOOD RESULTS!
Boosting the Bottom Line by Increasing Conversion on Sales Calls
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Millennials can Sell, Too!
Selligent – Real Marketing Solutions Partnership
Digital Marketing – Churn Reduction
Digital Marketing – Machine Learning
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Using Customer Service Training to Differentiate Your Business
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Three Steps to Doubling Effectiveness
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Increasing Revenue Per Call by 50%
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Tripling Support Contract Customer Base
Digital Marketing – Maintaining Mindshare with email Newsletters
Digital Marketing – Reenergizing Your Email Marketing Efforts with Content Refresh
Digital Marketing – eNurture Registrations into Paying Customers with Email

Client Testimonials

“Real Marketing Solutions was great to work with. They spent the time to learn our business, build relationships with our customer service team and delivered training netting a significant and immediate financial win.”
Nathan Decker – evo Director of eCommerce
Last year, with the merger of our two companies, it became clear that creating a single function that focused on the Relationship Management of our client base would be a top priority. John and Terry did a great job assisting with the definition and documentation of the role, along with helping us i...
Tarik Hart (SVP – Selligent)
John and Terry did a superb job of designing and implementing our initial Voice of the Client (VoC) survey program. They expertly crafted the survey, handled the interviews provided reporting and analysis, along with an executive presentation. We gleaned actionable insights that we are already using...
Tarik Hart (SVP Services – Selligent)
"They (client) have been a long-time and very valued client of ours. We were eager to contribute to the successful launch of their new service. Bringing in Real Marketing Solutions partners to work with us was an ideal way to build on the talents of our dedicated support team."
Claudia Lowman – Interact Managing Partner Claudia Lowman
"In this difficult economic environment, everyone is being asked to do more with less. The sales training program that RMS partners developed and worked with us to roll-out allowed us to generate more sales out of the calls coming into our contact center and drive incremental revenue."
Don Linnertz – Adobe Manager of Customer Service
“Real Marketing Solution partners were really instrumental in helping us improve our email marketing efforts. Their experience and knowledge in the space contributed to the development of an email template that really performs.”
Doug Erickson – Avalon Clinic Marketing Manager
"It was really great to have someone as experienced in e-mail newsletter design and creation as Real Marketing Solutions partners to help drive this project. Their guidance was instrumental in our developing a top-quality product within a very short time frame."
Eddie Pasatiempo – Korn/Ferry’s Senior Client Partner
"We are working hard to ensure each customer feels good about the time they spend in our clinics and our increasing customer satisfaction scores are proof that our customers appreciate the effort. Real Marketing Solutions customer service training has contributed greatly to our success."
Karyn Beckley – Pacific Medical Centers’ Vice President of Marketing and Administrative Services

Case Studies and Blogs

Focus + Process = Results…REALLY GOOD RESULTS!
Focus + Process = Results…REALLY GOOD RESULTS!
April 16, 2018
How could Pets Best’s sales team extract more revenue from their leads? Background Pets Best is one of the top medical insurers for dogs and cats in the United States. They are known for t
Boosting the Bottom Line by Increasing Conversion on Sales Calls
Boosting the Bottom Line by Increasing Conversion on Sales Calls
August 15, 2017
How could Trupanion drive an increase in conversion of inbound sales calls? Background Trupanion, the second largest and fastest growing medical insurer for cats and dogs in the United Sta...
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Millennials can Sell, Too!
Sales/Customer Service/Support – Millennials can Sell, Too!
June 6, 2017
How could evo drive a huge increase in sales performance among its non-commissioned customer service team made up mostly of twenty-somethings? Background evo, a national e-commerce leader ...

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