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How could get newly registered agents to actively use their service?

Background (MNA) provides marketing services to real estate agents. Through its Web-based environment, MNA makes it easy for agents to create, print and deliver professional quality marketing collateral at a fraction of the time and cost they experience using traditional printing methods.

The Challenge

Getting agents to register on the MNA site was easy. Getting them to take the next step of actually using the service was the challenge.

The Solution

Real Marketing Solutions partners developed and implemented an email based eNurture campaign designed to drive activation among the new registrants by reinforcing the unique value propositions that motivated the agents to register in the first place as well as providing incentives as needed to encourage them to place their initial orders.

Step One: Communication Stream Evaluation

As the first step Real Marketing Solutions partners looked at the current communication stream that new registrants received and learned that it was limited to a generic welcome email followed by monthly newsletters.

Step Two: Data Analysis

The next step was to engage in a data mining exercise aimed at gaining an understanding of how/when a typical registration converted into a paying customer.

Step Three: Revamping the Customer Contact Strategy

Based on the knowledge gained, Real Marketing Solutions partners developed a new customer contact strategy that took a much more proactive approach to driving activation among the new registrants. The generic welcome email was replaced by a series of four emails that were sent over the course of 28 days. These new emails leveraged the high-quality design that MNA’s collateral features, the key benefits that agents using the service enjoy and specific calls-to-action to encourage use of the service.

The Results

After the implementation of the new customer contact strategy, MNA saw a 24% increase in the percentage of new accounts that actually became paying customers.

Performance Feedback’s Executive Vice President, Pat LaMear said, “Thanks to Real Marketing Solutions partner’s work, instead of waiting for new customers to start using our service we began a program that proactively encouraged them to activate their accounts and it has made a noticeable difference to both, our revenues and cash flow.”

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