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How could Korn/Ferry maintain local mindshare as the preferred provider of executive human capital when needs arise?


Korn/Ferry is the premier provider of executive human capital solutions, with services ranging from corporate governance and CEO recruitment to executive search, middle-management recruitment and Leadership Development Solutions.

The Challenge

While corporate marketing provides materials for the more than 70 Korn/Ferry offices worldwide, the Seattle office wanted to do more to maintain the type of mindshare with local executives that is so important in helping to keep them the preferred provider when human capital needs came up.

The Solution

Real Marketing Solutions partners developed and implemented an email newsletter campaign designed to reinforce Korn/Ferry’s position as the premier provider of executive human capital solutions in a timely and unobtrusive way. By delivering content that local executives in Korn/Ferry’s target customer base found relevant and compelling they were able to expand the awareness and usage of Korn/Ferry’s services while building loyalty in its customer base.

Step One: Determining Overall Objectives and Brainstorming Content Categories

As the first step Real Marketing Solutions partners worked with Korn/Ferry management to determine the goals for the eNewsletter campaign and strategize the key content types that would best accomplish them. Real Marketing Solutions partner’s experience in developing email newsletters was particularly helpful here as they were able to suggest content that had historically driven the most interest from eNewsletter recipients.

Step Two: Creating the Right Look and Feel

In creating the newsletter design it was important to provide a framework for effective customer communications while staying true to Korn/Ferry’s corporate branding. In addition, a special banner was developed that featured the Seattle skyline to give the newsletter a local flair.

Step Three: Optimizing for Performance

The last step was to leverage Real Marketing Solutions partner’s experience in creating email newsletters to help craft a vehicle that was optimized for open rates, click through rates and conversion. Important factors considered were the balance between images and HTML, short text versus long text, the number of links and their correct positioning, proper preview window display and more.

The Results

Korn/Ferry’s Seattle eNewsletter was not only very well received by business executives in the area but also became a terrific source of leads for the Korn/Ferry client partners.

Performance Feedback

Korn/Ferry’s Senior Client Partner, Eddie Pasatiempo said, “It was really great to have someone as experienced in email newsletter design and creation as the Real Marketing Solutions partners to help drive this project. Their guidance was instrumental in our developing a top-quality product within a very short time frame.”

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