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How could evo drive a huge increase in sales performance among its non-commissioned customer service team made up mostly of twenty-somethings?


evo, a national e-commerce leader among outdoor and action sports retailers is well-known among skiers, skaters, boarders, bikers and more for the great product information they offer on their website and through their customer service team. To complete the package they have a vast selection, extremely competitive pricing and offer compelling adventure travel vacations and packages.

The Challenge

When it comes to hiring, evo values interest in action sports and product knowledge over sales acumen in order to deliver the evo-style customer experience it has built its business around. That said, management couldn’t help but feel that there were opportunities to improve the sales being generated from inquiries into the customer care team without compromising service.

The Solution

Real Marketing Solutions (RMS) built and delivered consultative customer service training designed to allow the team to combine their evo-style dissemination of great product knowledge with basic sales techniques. And just as importantly, it was done in a way that the mostly millennial-based workforce would be willing to accept and embrace.

Step One: Discovery and Contact Review

The first step for RMS was to witness firsthand the interactions between evo’s customers and the care team, categorize inquiry types and identify opportunities for sales improvement. These monitoring sessions also presented an opportunity to learn more about the representatives themselves and start to build trusting relationships with them while learning about their experience and motivation which would prove valuable during the training component of the initiative.

Step Two: Combining Sales with Service

Consultative customer service is a needs-based approach to ensuring the customer is provided all of the information they need to make an informed decision. In the world of active sports this is particularly challenging due to the broad spectrum of experience and ability levels of the participants along with the myriad of products available. The team had already demonstrated the ability to understand needs and make good recommendations. They just needed a little help transitioning to a sales call – asking for the order, making upsell suggestions and handling objections.

Step Three: “Millennial-izing” the Training Program

In building and delivering the training, RMS incorporated key factors that are known to drive millennial workforce improvement. Millennials:

1) admire experience and knowledge over position and power in their coaches;
2) thrive on real-time feedback;
3) prefer on-the-job training;
4) enjoy collaboration.

While the initial group training session was used to communicate the key elements of the training, individual coaching sessions presented an opportunity for feedback in a real-time environment. The second group session encouraged sharing and peer learning.

The Results

Almost immediately after the training was completed, evo saw an increase in upsells on orders of more than 400%!

Performance Feedback

evo Director of eCommerce, Nathan Decker said “Real Marketing Solutions was great to work with. They spent the time to learn our business, build relationships with our customer service team and delivered training netting a significant and immediate financial win.”

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