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How could Trupanion drive an increase in conversion of inbound sales calls?


Trupanion, the second largest and fastest growing medical insurer for cats and dogs in the United States, was looking to convert more sales from the calls being handled by its inbound sales team.

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold. Trupanion’s sales team was made up of individuals with varying degrees of sales experience and the company was desirous of polishing their efforts. In addition, Trupanion wanted to augment the onboarding training new sales team hires received which had been focused on training about the company and its insurance products but was light when it came to selling those products. As the company continued to expand the team to support its growth requirements the need for a more consistent approach for identifying and communicating best practices was desired.

The Solution

Real Marketing Solutions developed and implemented consultative sales training that provided the representatives with the strategies, tactics and confidence they needed to increase their close rates. And the training was created so that it would not only add value to the existing team members’ efforts but would also become a key part of the onboarding curriculum going forward.

Step One: Discovery and Call Review

The first step for Real Marketing Solutions was to understand the types of inquiries that callers were making and how the team responded. Through a combination of call monitoring and interviews of representatives and management, it was clear that the team truly shared the caller’s love for pets and also had an immense amount of product and industry knowledge. It was also apparent that the consistent application of sales best practices to these interactions could have a significant impact on the team’s ability to close more opportunities.

Step Two: Opportunities for Improvement

From greeting to close, we outlined a call flow that would allow the agents to build rapport with the customer, take control of the call by setting expectations, identify needs, answer questions quickly and confidently, provide a quote based on the pet’s age and breed, promote benefits, ask for the order and handle basic objections.

Step Three: Training, Tools and Reinforcement

Group sessions were used to communicate the key elements of the sales training. Individual coaching sessions then allowed time to work with each representative to reinforce their strengths, outline areas for improvement and provide specific recommendations for ways to improve their efforts. An online sales playbook was also created to provide the representatives with a handy reference of all the material covered.

The Results

In the first month after the bulk of the training was completed, the sales team saw that their conversion rates had already increased and were well on their way to the new target.

Performance Feedback

Trupanion COO, Ian Moffat said “Our Trupanion team was already performing well, converting a high number of calls, however, we knew there were opportunities to lift our performance even higher. Real Marketing Solutions came in and led us through a robust process that delivered the materials and training we were looking for. Since completing this exercise the Trupanion team has gone on to set new internal sales records and we now have a sales training program for everyone joining us in the future. We are really happy.”

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