Data Management Services

Can we all agree? The holy grail of superior customer-centric marketing is hidden in the data you capture about your customers and using that data to create relevant, personalized communications. It’s seems to be simple to say but daunting to put into practice. But, the landscape is changing and new tools and technologies are making it easier than ever to solve this puzzle. Let us help show you how to turn this into a competitive advantage.

  • Big data marketing analytics (machine learning) – go where no human alone can – these platforms allow for dynamically testing large numbers of permutations to determine the best offer and timing for each customer while continuously being able to optimize based on potentially ever-changing KPIs. Sound complicated? We’ve implemented these solutions multiple times and can help you understand if they are right for your situation and how to get it done.
  • Data management strategy – 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years! This trend is only increasing which means that the time for developing your enterprise data management strategy is now. Let us help you precisely define, easily integrate, and effectively retrieve data to support your internal applications as well as your external customer communications.
  • Profile management – Development of a comprehensive and actionable profile of your customers is essential to successfully market to them.
  • Identity management – multiple channels, myriad devices, strong and weak identifiers, it’s difficult to know if is the same person as Nicholas Claus, North Pole.  Connecting Nick’s activities can help fuel improved sales and marketing touches. Work with us to make sense of this complex environment.